Gaslighters #1 Comic - The Dying Breed

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Gaslighters #1 Comic - The Dying Breed



A Life and Death Birth.

Widespread death.

A Nightmare.

Twenty-one years ago, the “Beginning of the End” was born. And half of the world’s population died. Bounty huntress Zoey Chase is going from strength to strength over the past eight years. Some call her ‘the Nightmare’ they can’t seem to shake off. Thriving in an industry she loves, with a social presence that keeps peaking – the last thing she expects to come face to face with is the past. While on the heels of her latest target, a serial killer of sinister origins, Zoey is perplexed when he openly challenges her about details of her past before she can deal the final blow and cash in.

Her heritage is shrouded in mystery; it has never come back to haunt her until now. This notorious killer knows about her being orphaned at birth and he says he knows the truth about the loss of her parents. The details he bears keep her hooked to know more. Zoey is accustomed to getting what she wants – and she’ll rip it out by the source if she must. Zoey starts to question everything she’s been told, everyone she trusts and all those she ever loved. The question is … is Zoey ready to hear the truth about whom she belongs to in all its horror? Or is she chasing her own nightmare?

There’s a means to an end to everything… depending on who survives to tell the tale. Now, Zoey is not only hunting criminals, she’s chasing the truth about the day she was born a zombie.


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Only SIX more pages left to be drawn, 16 to be colored of our 36 page first issue. So, I'm so excited. We are getting closer and closer by the week. Our goal is to have a finished book before we start fundraising.


25 of the 35 pages have been penciled. 10 more pages to go!!!

Art by William Allan Reyes


17 pages have been inked.

Art by William Allan Reyes

Inked by Chis Arieswendha


Art by Fernando Cordeiro